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I'm Daphne, Inspiritress of Can-do-it-ness, empowering eminent female leaders ready to pivot or transition gain clarity and take action on your secret dreams.

My true magic lies in my ability to clarify, to see possibilities, create ideas and inspirit you to implement.

As a young woman I quietly and effectively changed an industry, opening doors for women in a previously male-dominated field.  For many years, I've guided leaders to be more effective in their roles.

Courageous and successful women business owners, leaders, coaches, service professionals, therapists and entrepreneurs round the globe, all of whom have big hearts and yearn to make a difference and make money, hire me so they can finally get their dreams up and running without sacrificing themselves in the process.

A certified professional coach, mastermind leader and facilitator, with a history of birthing and growing small businesses, I love gardening and the ocean.


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"Coaching with Daphne has been a powerful experience. She has helped me wade through what was an overwhelming time and bring clarity to what was important for me.  With Daphne's help and support I had the confidence to recognise and face the issues that arose and set some specific actions to help me move forwards. Coaching with Daphne has most definitely been a worthwhile investment."   
Julie Sim