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Business Success & Freedom Coach | PCC ICF

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I'm Daphne, I used to live my life to please others. There. I said it. It didn’t matter who I worked for, how much love and support I had (or didn’t have) around me, or how many businesses I’ve had (I’m going on three by the way); until I found my way back to me I was miserable on the inside.

It was easy to hide from and make excuses for until, one day, it wasn’t. I faced myself with clear eyes and saw that the reason I wasn’t happy was because I kept compromising on my beliefs.

I now know that when there is discord happening in our life or business, most of the time there is a deeper issue that needs to be resolved. Rather than just treating the symptom and giving you a brilliant strategy to move forward, I start by going within so we can discover what the most aligned action for you to take is. In doing so, we are able to start healing that which was the real cause for the problems you were struggling with in the first place. Then we devise a brilliant plan together and I’ll provide support to keep you accountable to taking action on it.

Working together is incredibly gentle. I don’t have a master plan for you beyond helping you to live your life to the fullest and without regrets.

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"Coaching with Daphne has been a powerful experience. She has helped me wade through what was an overwhelming time and bring clarity to what was important for me.  With Daphne's help and support I had the confidence to recognise and face the issues that arose and set some specific actions to help me move forwards. Coaching with Daphne has most definitely been a worthwhile investment."   
Julie Sim